Welcome to Bath University Canoe Club ...

Pop quiz:
Have you ever canoed before?
Have you never canoed before?

If you answered "YES" to any of these questions, then you should try (or continue) Canoeing with the University of Bath Canoe Club.
  • We have three (yes THREE) Pool sessions per week, divided between coaching BCU star award skills and canoe polo.
  • We offer excellent coaching for all levels; from aqua-phobic beginners to hyper-aqautic Gurus.
  • We have trips most weekends, so that members can put their new skills to the test on the water, all suitable for their ability.
  • There. Are. SOCIALS. - Canoe socials are the stuff of Nordic legend, filled with celebrities*, models** and free alcohol***.
* Local personalities ** Inanimate Replicas of buoyancy aids, *** False-Advertising.
Most weekends this semester have trips already organized, so make sure you get paddling whilst the going's good - Look at the CALENDER page where you can check out upcoming events.

Membership is only £ 30, including the use of all equipment (much wow).

If you missed the sports fair then do not worry, you can still sign up on-line .You must have first completed ROL and registered on bathstudent to join. If you have any questions after looking around the site, please contact our chair (his name's Jeremy, nice chap. Really.).